Ring around the shower stall

Hey Modern Nesters,

I am going to work Modern Nesters into ground, until you submit :)

Today we are going to talk about tile ribbons in showers.

ScreenHunter_3333 Jun. 22 18.40.jpg

I am just going to rip the band-aid off and just say. I think this is so cheesy and it looks cheap. I realize people are on a budget but find a tile you love that you can afford. This does not fool anyone. I encourage you to get creative. If you can’t afford to tile your entire bathroom, just do a feature wall and the side walls can be a complimentary tile.

ScreenHunter_3333 Jun. 22 18.42.jpg

This looks expensive and intentional. It creates focus and a “wow” moment.

ScreenHunter_3333 Jun. 22 18.43.jpg

This client wanted the ring around the shower and I convinced her to tile the whole back wall. It unifies the back wall. Sure it cost more, but it looks great. If money is a concern, find a tile you love that you can afford. A 6 inch ribbon of something you love looks like you gave up. Go to that extra tile store and hunt, this is something that you are going to use every day, make it special. You deserve it. My goal as a designer is to find surface materials that are affordable but make an impact.

What drives you crazy? Let me know.

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