Welcome to Modern Nest

If you are here, you are contemplating change.  Congratulations!  Many view design as superficial, I see it as transformative. I see time and time again how a well-designed space changes how clients live for the better.  As a designer, my goal is to strike a balance between form and function.  I have learned to gauge that balance in my nine years of professional practice in interior design and in my pursuit of a Master’s Degree in interior architecture.

Each project is a journey, your journey.  You are an integral part of the process.  My intention is for your home to feel like YOUR home and not a magazine spread or a design trend that is super implanted onto your space.  You have a voice that needs to be expressed and your home has say in the matter too.  My objective is to synthesize these voices and create a cohesive whole.

This site highlights my past work as well as a blog that highlights my passion for design.   If you are ready to take a leap, I am here to guide you through the process.